Changes in the Telephone Industry

Telephone services have grown in number and penetration as telecommunication technology has changed rapidly over the years. With various providers of internet and telephone service, the whole communication process has undergone a revolution in the past few years.


The first change in the industry occurred with VoIP, a telephone service that allows users to make calls without using the internet. This is due to the technology known as video conferencing, which enables people to make calls through a video streaming connection. These video links help to display the whole conference with a simple click of the mouse. These video conferencing service providers offer numerous features such as video conference calling, voice and audio conferencing and different kinds of security software.


The second change was the introduction of high speed internet in the telephone network, enabling the transmission of voice through data. This new kind of telephone service has been the mainstay of high speed connections and has proved highly beneficial for people who rely on their mobile phones for their communication needs. The high speed internet links have significantly reduced the time spent on downloading data and communication, and, have helped people make calls over the internet anytime they want. This has also resulted in a boon for the telecommunication companies who have been able to sell their existing clients and customers to the other carriers.


The third change in the telephone industry took place when the phone service providers made it mandatory for customers to pay a special charge to the service provider if they used data downloads. This was mainly due to the fact that most users are using their mobile phones as an internet hotspot. However, they found it much more convenient to use their normal phone while on the internet, and so the telecommunication companies found it necessary to make it compulsory for users to pay a separate fee for this purpose. Today, the fees charged by the providers for data are as high as $5 per GB of data downloaded.


The fourth change took place when VoIP and other telecommunication services made it mandatory for the phone service providers to start charging extra for voice calls. The third party rate or the cost to the providers for providing the call has come down considerably, but this has not allowed the phone service providers to provide similar services for free, which has resulted in increased competition between them and their mobile phone users.


The fifth change was the introduction of a new concept known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP uses the internet to make calls by the use of an extension of the regular phone system. This system is known as a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which means it creates a completely encrypted connection between the caller and the service provider.


The sixth change is the introduction of VoIP connections which allow people to make calls through the internet and through the web. The reception and transmission of voice signals are done through the web browser on the computers of the people making the calls. This is done to enable the telecommunication providers to make an even greater profit out of the sales of their clients.


The seventh change in the telephone industry happened when service providers introduced their own products to attract the customers to their own phone service. For example, some of the first and most popular brands of internet telephony providers are Skype, Vonage, and iDirect.


The eighth change came about when VoIP services were offered as an alternative to cable television. The service providers today offer special packages where as earlier, people used to use traditional cable channels to enjoy their communication needs.


The ninth change to the industry is the development of an entire business community, which deals with the business offering the product offering VoIP. This market has provided many opportunities for many entrepreneurs, with high rewards and low risks.


Telecommunication has witnessed major changes over the years. It has become easy to communicate with anyone in the world through the internet with the help of special software and hardware.